1. Carlsberg Sverige, Årstadvägen 6, 311 44 Falkenberg, phone: +46 346 72 10 00
  2. Spendrups Bryggeri AB (Head Office), P.O. Box 3006, Vårby Allé 39, SE-143 03 Vårby

   Carlsberg® runs Graphene®'s automated quality control solutions in 7 bottling and canning Lines:  two in the United Kingdom at Northampton, one in Sweden at Falkenberg, one in Serbia, at Celarevo, one in Romania at Ilfov, one in Israel, at Ashkelon and two in Russia at Yaroslavl. Details making performances’ differences ~10 times better in terms of the Quality indexes, and > 100 times less in terms of false rejects’ rates of the Lines.  We had to study and redesign an impressive amount of technical details.  Each one of the total 16 Heuft™ Systemtechnik, Pressco® and FT-System® electronic inspectors our staff, then dressing the colours of Sidel®, system-integrated, installed, started and commissioned over several Carlsberg® formats

   Spendrups® at Vårby, Stockholm area, Sweden, where in July 2005, then dressing the SIG® colours, we serviced the Full Bottle Inspector by Stratec®, in the out feed of then new SIG® Filler Machine 

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