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The solutions we find to the issues whose negative consequences are felt by the Others, solutions to the problems affecting Others' activities, life and interests, define who we are.  

An example above, showing a small section of the packaging area inside any of the AnheuserBusch InBev affiliate breweries: Cerveceria Regional CA.  For over twenty years, Management and Staff feel all days the power of the solutions we designed and imprinted to the tens of automated quality assurance electronic inspection systems and related conveyors, in their multiple bottling and canning manufacturing lines. 

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In the industrial ambients visible in the video, our staff studied and carried out nearly seventy between design and technical modifications to the original project, to: 

  • maximise the inspection performances, an alias of the Quality final levels of the bottles and crates of beer going to the Market;
  • maximise mechanical efficiency, preventing and eliminating sources for production stops; typically, jams and bottles fallen during rejection or sampling;
  • minimise the false rejects, to levels better than Technical Guarantees the OEM provided to Grolsch®.  

 Processing bottles of this shape in the Packaging, is particularly challenging.  Because of the irregular shape, sidewall marks and most relevant, the ceramic clip-lock. Our staff, then dressing SIG® shirts, installed all 9 Heuft®-branded electronic inspectors in the Grolsch®’s (SAB Miller® group) historic “Swing top Bottle Line”.  Adding tens of design improvements to let the integration be the success Grolsch® Management still today confirms it is (image credit Jason Alden, OneRedEye)


Graphene is built over twenty years of experience serving global Bottlers', satisfying their necessities of automated Quality Assurance related to electronic inspection equipment:

More, we are a highly cost effective choice existing on the worldwide scenario  

Graphene is a global supplier of Services and Technologies designed for Food and Beverage Bottling Lines, from electronic inspection for all types of packaging, to precise and quantitative Risk Assessments for contaminations and injuries to final Customers, until Root Cause Analysis for Bottling Lines and Machines’ inefficiencies or Quality pitfalls.  A reliable partner for Food and Beverage businesses around the world, Graphene applies its proprietary technologies to pursuit innovation of the automated Quality Control and Assurance processes.   We are firmly convinced that all Food and Beverage Bottling Companies in the world merit to reach their desired top performances.  

Performances we delivered to Grolsch®, Heineken®,  PepsiCo® and Coca-Cola® North America.   Without any extracost for the Bottler, really it is possible to maximise Quality, reducing in the meantime the associated losses on Production, commonly arising by production stops and automated QA inspection systems' false positives.  These last being any of the greatest obstacles to the alignement of Companies' policies on product's Quality with what really gets out of the Bottling Lines, reaching final Customers.

Graphene does not…

We are focused on the activities where we excel: continuous improvement, reliability and quality for the Manufacturing & Logistic industry. 

Graphene does not:

  • produce or sell electronic inspection systems, or their parts;
  • sell or resell Third Parties’ electronic inspection systems, or their parts.

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