One of the squeezer™ QA Leakage Inspectors installed, started and commissioned by our staff.  This Electronic Inspector features sensors in-the-Filler and Closer Machines, precisely tracking one-by-one all bottles out feeding the precedent Bloc.  It checks leakages squeezing the bottles and measuring the fill level with X-ray bridges before and during the squeezing action. Also, a pressure sensor cooperates with the difference of filling height measurementss, to provide an additional independent index of Contamination associated to the bottle.  Visible in the centre an additional FinalView™ Heuft®-built final inspection unit, equipped with 2 cameras and mirroring optoelectronic system, to control all 360º of the Caps’ tamper evident ring, height and inclination

Changeover of Leakage Inspectors

  • changeover related to a new kind of bottle in a Full Bottle Leakage Inspector (e.g. Heuft®-built  squeezer™  or squeezer QA™) checking PET bottles filled in aseptic ambient, equipped with pressure sensor, double X-rays fill level control, Fill level control of whatever technology.

  • Смена формата бутылки в инспекторе контроля герметичности (н-р Heuft®  squeezer™  or squeezer QA), который проверяет ПЭТ бутылки, наполненные в асептических условиях, и который оборудован датчиком давления, двойным рентгеновским контролем уровня налива, контролем уровня налива любой технологии.

  • cambio de calibre en Inspector de Hermeticidad de envases de plastico (exemplo, Heuft®  squeezer™  o squeezer QA™ ), operativo con sensores en Llenadora e Tapadora para su monitorizacion, inspección comparativa, basada en la medida a rayos X el nivel de llenado, inspeccion de presion, inspeccion inductiva de sello metalico, inspeccion de tapa a traves de camaras de Vision Artificial.

  • cambio formato a nova garrafa em Inspetor de Hermeticidade de Garrafas Cheias (exemplo, Heuft®  squeezer™  or squeezer QA™), operativo com sensores para monitorizaçao na Enchedora e na Tampadora, medição de pressão interna dos recipientes, inspeçao da tampa com uma camara de Visão Artificial (presença, inclinaçao, alta), inspeçao de nível de enchimento com alta frequência HF, raios X, infravermelho ou Laser.

  • cambio formato a nuova bottiglia PET in un Ispettore Tenuta Bottiglie Piene (ad esempio, Heuft® Spectrum TX squeezer™ oppure squeezer QA™ ) operante con sensori nella Riempitrice e nel Tappatore per il monitoraggio delle valvole e dei pistoni tappanti, equipaggiato di ispezione della pressione interna al contenitore, ispezione sottolivello  e sopralivello, ispezione capsula a telecamere, analisi del riempimento.


 We are focused in what we excel: Service and Technologies. Graphene® does not produce, sell nor resell electronic inspection systems nor their parts  

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