x-ray-double-bridge-fill med

Double X-rays inspection bridge

When it is desidered to detect and reject under and over filled containers with the maximum accuracy offered by the X-ray technology, they are adopted two separate and identical X-ray inspection bridges. They are set at different mechanical heights, with respect to the container meniscus:

  • the lower, set under the liquid's meniscus height of a container minimally  under filled;
  • the upper, set over liquid's meniscus, in the area of the head space typically occupied by gas.  Volume occupied by liquid only in case of overfilled containers.

The double-bridge solution, because of its cost, is not frequently applied and there are excellent reasons for this choice.    As an example, rarely worldwide Legislations impede the sale of overfilled containers when, on the opposite, they always impede the sale of those filled <1.5 % of the nominal (target) content.   Thinkably, the optimal and cheapest solution is a single bridge vertically set, to detect both under and over filling.  This way, we’ll assure:

  • maximum accuracy (Quality);
  • minimum false rejects (losses-on-Production);
  • minimum costs for the inspection equipment.

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