Physics of Triggers                                       Adobe Shockwave animated e-book

Physics of Triggers collection Flash Player animation

                 69 MB, ZIP

An AdobeŽ Shockwave™ powered animated e-book, including 134 pages, 69 MB in the zipped version. 

Contents divided in five chapters are devoted to:

  • Physics of Triggering
  • Triggers as Electrionic Inspectors nonclassic components
  • Triggers Hardware
  • Inspections in a Decohering Environment
  • Events’ causal connection

One time downloaded completely the zipped file, unzip it and start the animation simply clicking the file:  


To play AdobeŽ Shockwave™ animated e-books with all of their functions it is necessary the Shockwave™ plugin which can be downloaded here.   But, also a system without any AdobeŽ Flash Player™ or Shockwave Player™ plugins shall however show the animation with a slightly reduced amount of functions.

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