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Food and Beverage safety, Quality and Production challenges are fronted, on a daily base wherever in the World, by:

  •   Factory Managers;
  •   Bottling Managers;
  •   Production Managers and their Staff;
  •   Quality Control Managers and their Staff;
  •   Maintenance Managers and their Staff.

Every FMCG Company has its own Quality Policy and standards. But, frequently Quality and Production are perceived as amounts inversely related.   We all know that to be competitive today whatever Bottling Plant needs their simultaneous maximisation. In this Portal, we’ll consider the advanced aspects of the Electronic Inspection. Some of them so complex that they are rarely or never touched during the professional trainings for Service Technicians, held in the Vendors’ headquarters. Between these aspects the keys of comprehension, the rationale of all the Electronic Inspectors: it’s Physics.

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