Root Cause Analysis, Design and Risk Assessment                                             Adobe Shockwave animated e-book                 

       Flash animation, 63 MB, ZIP

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            76 pages, 21 MB

On side, download an Adobe® Shockwave™-powered animated e-book, including 76 pages, 63 MB in the zipped version.   Contents divided in eight chapters, devoted to:

  • Root Cause Analysis (RCA): theory
  • Root Cause Analysis: Beverage's Organic and Inorganic Contaminations
  • Root Cause Analysis: Machinery Inefficency and malfunctions
  • Root Cause Analysis: Product Liability
  • Root Cause Analysis: Crisis Management
  • Risk Assessment
  • Field Service Engineering
  • Design

One time downloaded completely the zipped file, unzip it and start the animation clicking the file:  


To play Adobe® Shockwave™ animated e-books with all of their functions it is necessary the Shockwave™ plugin which can be downloaded here.  

But, also a system without any Adobe® Flash Player™ or Shockwave Player™ plugins shall however show the animation with a slightly reduced amount of functions.

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