Need Larger Text ?

Need larger text ?

There are several ways to change text size of Web pages:

  • An easy, fast method to adjust the text size that works in most browsers is to hold down <CTRL> and press the symbol keys  "+" or "-" . 
  • Another option if you have a mouse with a scroll wheel. Hold down the <Ctrl> key on your key board and turn the small wheel in the middle of your mouse. The print size will change. It will either get larger, or smaller, depending on which way you turn the wheel. This should work for all browsers if you have a wheel mouse.
  • Browsers also offer ways to increase font size.  Below are instructions for Internet Explorer, Firefox, Opera and Safari browsers:


Using Your Browser Settings

Click on View on the browser Menu Bar. Highlight Text Size with your mouse and notice that you now have 3 choices that will allow you to increase or decrease text size.

Select Normal or <CTRL> and "0" to return to the default text size. 

Looks like il the figure on right side in Firefox:

Internet Explorer 

Using Your Browser Settings

If you look under View on your browser’s main menu at the top of your screen, you will find the option to change Text Size. Using that option, you can choose how much larger (or smaller) to make the text.

Looks like il the figure on right side in Internet Explorer:


Press '+' (plus) to zoom in by 10%, or '-' (minus) to zoom out by 10%. To return the page to its original size, press Ctrl + 0 or press * (asterisk).

You can also do this via the menu bar. Click on 'View' and then 'Zoom' in the drop-down menu, or press Alt + V and then press Z.

Click on the amount by which you want to increase or decrease the text size, or use the up and down arrow keys to highlight the value you want and then press Enter.


To increase or decrease the magnification of a web page in Safari, press Apple and '+' (plus) to zoom in, or Apple and '-' (minus) to zoom out.  

To return the text to its original size, press Apple + 0.

You can also do this via the menu bar, as shown in Fig 1. Click on 'View', or press Ctrl + F2 to highlight the menu bar and press the right arrow key to open the 'View' drop-down menu. If you want to only change the text size rather than everything on the web page, make sure 'Zoom Text Only' is ticked. You can tick or untick it by clicking on it, or use the arrow keys to highlight it and then press Enter.

Click 'Zoom In' to increase the text size, or 'Zoom Out' to decrease the text size. Alternatively, use the arrow keys to highlight one of the size options and then press Enter. (In older versions of Safari, you need to choose either 'Make Text Bigger' or 'Make Text Smaller’).

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