1. Coca-Cola®, Khoshgovar Beverage Co., Imam Khomeini Boulevard, Caspian Industrial City, Qazvin  (participated by Aujan Industries Co.)
  2. Pepsi-Cola® Eram Noush Soft Drinks Co., 10th Km of Shabestar-Tabriz Road, Tabriz  
  3. Pepsi-Cola® Eram Noush Soft Drinks Co., Next Eskad Bldg., 28th Ave., Km.10 Karaj Makhsoos Rd., Teheran
  4. Nousha Zagros® Manufacturing Co., No. 9, 3rd floor of Hafez Bldg, Afif Abad Ave. Shira, Shiratz, phone: +98 711626 6146
  5. Noushgovar Co., East Talash St., Bandar Gaz Industrial Town, Gorgan, Golestan, phone: +982188202730.  Company legal seat in Shahen Janoobi Avenue, Payambareh Qarbi Avenue, Ayatollah Kashan, Tehran
  6. Arpa Noosh Industrial Co., Brewery, 4th Fl., No. 2, Saboonch St., Beheshti St., Tehran, phone: +98 21 88532960~4 /+98 9126445249  

   Teheran.  Graphene acted as Independent Contractor in three companies based in Teheran: Pepsi-Cola® Eram Noush, Noushgovar Co. and Arpa Noosh Industrial Co. (image credit RIA Novosti, 2014)

Artwork by an Iranian artist whose identity is unfortunately unknown. It represents the presence of the Coca-Cola thanks to the licensee Khoshgovar Beverage Co. with the town of Tabriz, as its landscape.  And our staff remembers Tabriz exactly that way, cold and dry with winter snow residuals, when in March 2009 installed and commissioned 2 Heuft® Systemtechnik-branded Full Bottle Inspectors in the new PET Bottling Line of the PepsiCo®-franchisee Eram Noush®. One, at the out feed of the Filler machine, the other after the Labeller

   Istak™ alcohol free beer by Arpa Noosh Industrial Co., Brewery seated at Tehran, Iran, is one of the 6 Food and Beverage factories in Iran operating automated Quality Control solutions system-integrated by our staff (image credit Istak UK Ltd, 2010-2014)


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