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Glass bottles



The figure above (credit Diageo plc) shows a fact: however ancient, glass bottles are never demode’, adding value and Quality to whatever they contain.   In the following we’ll examine some basic subjects like their manufacturing and the rules to read the markings visible around their base are not so known.   The US-headquartered Owens-Illinois®, World's greatest producer of Machinery for the fabrication of glass bottles and also producer of glass bottles, filled this hole making available videos and brochures whoever can print or copy, with the obvious exception of the commercial use.   We were called to participate to the improvement of the design of some new brand of bottles of beer by the Technical Director of an American Brewery.   Called to assure the successful marriage of Esthetic factors, Empty Bottle Inspectors’ quality of inspection and minimisation of the false rejects.    We lived some brief and interesting time in a plant equipped with Owens-Illinois® machinery and technologies.   Below, they are visible the:

  • bottles’ base coding,
  • process of manufacturing of glass bottles,
  • two HD videos, documenting glass’ bottles fabrication.

Above:  manufacturing of the glass bottles, with details about the bottles’ electronic inspection phases via infrared and visible light (authored by Owens-Illinois/2014)

Above:  glass fabrication with audio description (authored by Owens-Illinois®, 2013)

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