1. Coca-Cola® Societe’ des Brassieres du Mali, Route de Bougoni, BP 67, Bamako, phone: +223 20224842 (Groupe Castel, 24, Rue Georges Guynemer, 33290 Blanquefort, France)

  Since 2010 Bramali plant at Bamako, Mali  is controlling the Quality of the PET bottles of its various Coca-Cola® brands (Sprite™, Coca-Cola™, Fanta™) produced by the new PET Bottling Line, by mean of an Heuft® basic™ full bottle inspector installed and commissioned by our staff

  Coca-Cola® at Bamako, Mali, filled by Societe’ des Brassieres du Mali, part of the Groupe Castel (image credit G. Rowland, 2011)

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