1. Carlsberg Srbjia d.o.o, 17 ul. Proleterska, Celarevo 21413
  2. Aqua Heba, Industrijska zona bb, 17520 Bujanovac

Above:  Carlsberg® runs Graphene®'s automated quality control solutions in 4 bottling and canning Lines:  2 in the United Kingdom at Northampton, 1 in Sweden at Falkenberg and 1 in Serbia, at Celarevo.  Details making performances’ differences ~10 times better in terms of Quality and > 100 times better as false rejects’ rates of the Lines.  We had to study and redesign an impressive amount of technical details.  Each one of the total 16 Heuft™ Systemtechnik, Pressco® and FT-System® electronic inspectors our staff, then dressing the colours of Sidel®, system-integrated, installed, started and commissioned over several Carlsberg® formats.  

Serving CARLSBERG EBIs Worldwide 2024x1521@1x

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