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X-Rays imaging of the field around M31 nebula in Andromeda

X-rays imaging with 66 megapixel CCD-camera 

This horizontal poster includes the widest among today existing images for the M31 object. The original TIFF graphic format image, size 116.4 MB, has been recently taken by an orbiting giant 66 megapixel CCD camera sensible to X-Rays.  Courtesy NASA/JPL-Caltech.  X-Rays measurement technologies are commonly used in Bottling Controls, namely, fill level inspections of glass, PET bottles & Aluminium cans.    Considering the huge size of some versions of this image,it can require several minutes for the full download, depending on your connection speed.   To save the image in your system, one time it's fully downloaded, you can use the save function of the program. Be sure to save the file in a different folder, like "My Documents" apart the temporary one it was opened in.   You can save the files by right-clicking on the link and selecting some of:

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                                                                                    5  MB,  JPEG                                                                      126 MB,  TIFF

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