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About Us

"When summing Design activities to those of Field Service Engineering, the total number of Bottling Lines where the technical design advice of our staff is being applied jumps to nearly 300"

“Last not but least, we are the most cost effective choice existing in the World”

Graphene® is built over twenty nine years of experience serving the global Packaging industry. The last twenty of them on side of the worldwide Food and Beverage Bottling Companies, satisfying their necessities of Quality related to Beverage Bottling Machinery and Electronic Inspectors:

  • Maintenance, 
  • Service, 
  • Installation, 
  • Startup, 
  • Commissioning, 
  • System integration

Almost 500 systems installed and commissioned in 120 factories worldwide, over 160 Bottling Lines, in 39 countries.  But, we entered the Food and Beverage field coming from the Technical Department of a Packaging Machinery Vendor. Then, to these activities have to be added nearly two decades of Design, on side of the SASIB Beverage™ / SIG® / Sidel® designers and project managers of the Layout, System Engineering, Procurement and Project Management Departments:

  • exam of Vendors’ offers, 
  • preparation of minimum requirements, 
  • optimisation of tens of new Lines’ layouts or upgrades of pre-existing, 
  • conveyors design in presence of electronic inspectors,
  • electronic inspectors’ integration,
  • choice of optimal Inspectors’ optoelectronic configurations, 
  • root cause analysis of Projects.

Design and System-Integration

When summing Design activities to those of Field Service Engineering, the total number of Bottling Lines where the technical solutions of our staff are being applied jumps to nearly 300.  Seasoned running examples are the tens of Grupo Modelo® (an ABInbev company) Bottling Lines in Mexico.  For these Packaging Lines our staff (in the meantime installing, system-integrating, starting and commissioning also the then fastest Linear EBI of the world (Baltika/Yarpivo at Yaroslavl, Russia), in spring 2003 redesigned a new optimized Line Layout.  

This new Layout was made necessary when Grupo Modelo decided to replace tens of rotary EBIs with tens of Linear EBIs.  An example, the glass returnable beer Bottling Line of Yantar® Brewery at Nikolayev, Ukraine (a SABMiller company), we redesigned in September 2008, when in the meantime servicing 30 Full and Empty Bottle Inspectors in Cerveceria Regional®, Venezuela.   

Tens of others nowadays’ examples, are running in a long row of Sidel®’s Aseptic Lines.   In November 2010 we autonomously designed and integrated the Heuft Systemtechnik Full Bottle Inspectors (FinalView™ or Squeezer™ models) with the Sidel®’s Aseptic Blocs, including AROL’s Cappers.   Design and execution of an interfacing allowing to reduce thousands of times the occurrences in the Market of the open then dangerously contaminated bottles.  One with sensors in-the-Machines, operating at a speed 1.5 m/s at 52000 bottles-per-hour. 

Devoting tens of parallel-working CPUs to the simultaneous management of 1.1 millions/day of bottles univoquely identified along the combined areas featuring: 

  • over 100 Aseptic Filler valves;
  • 24 Capper's heads;
  • 12 meters of conveyor after the release point of the Capper's out feed starwheel. 

This way, the innovated Bloc became the first worldwide having its internal aseptic filling valves and capping heads, associated to their own indipendent inspections, fully synchronised with an Electronic Inspector, having its own independent inspections, and providing the rejection device and way-out for each bottle designated to rejection. We are speaking of a Bloc's grand total number of inspections which, following the model of Bloc, ranges (100 - 200).    Four the minimum number of asepticity inspections:  

  • consecutive;
  • reciprocally independent;
  • based on different physical principles;

received by each bottle.

This is the only true and real way to reduce ~ 100 times the amount of Customers contaminated drinking by bottles which stood too long time in the Bloc, which had their cap non perfectly closed when applied, which had their cap non perfectly closed when checked in the Full Bottle Inspector.  ~100 times less than what an Electronic Inspector can do operating standalone.  To have two independent consecutive Electronic Inspectors processing the same bottle on the same conveyor, should not allow to equal these levels of Food and Beverage safety, on the opposite we’d ameliorate only ~10 times.  The reason lies in the fact that:

  • Torque inspections, in each head of the Capper Machine;
  • Time (and other parametric) inspections in the Filler Machine;

are based on physical principles completely different than the mere electromagnetic of the Cap inspections existing in today's camera-equipped Cap Visual inspections. From a much deeper point of view, this is a consequence of the exploration of a wider subset of the Hilbert space, where fully and really the capped bottle has its complete description. It implies the extension of the measurement to the eigenvalues of additional eigenvectors.

A website in favour of Beverage Bottlers

By mean of this website, Graphene provides to Beverage Bottling Companies Staff:

  • free-of-charge technical documentation, infographics and guides;
  • useful and operative methods for Bottling Quality Control;
  • techniques, methods fully available to Electronic Maintenance Staff on behalf of Quality Control, Bottling and Production Managers, to increase simultaneously by an order of magnitude products' Quality, reducing in the meantime ten to one hundred times the losses on Production due to the Inspectors' False Rejects.   

To reach these goals, it is not necessary magic, rather an operative knowledge of the physical and technological principles holding the measurement process named ‘control’ or, more properly, ‘inspection’. Graphene has been thought to care Food and Beverage Bottlers' interests: we appreciate your Business !

Graphene does not…

We are focused on the activities where we excel: Service and Technologies.  Graphene does not:

  • produce electronic inspection systems;
  • produce parts for electronic inspection systems;
  • sell nor resell Third Parties’ electronic inspection systems;
  • sell nor resell parts of Third Parties’ electronic inspection systems.

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