Rights and Permissions

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1.  Licensing copyrighted materials

1.1  A copyright can be an original work of authorship including: 

         software,  mask works,  literature,  art,  music,  photographs,  videos,  etc.

1.2  If you have any questions concerning the usage or licensing of Graphene copyrighted materials, for example, books, photographs, video footage, Graphene advertisements or other Graphene materials, please submit your detailed request in writing to:


Please be sure to include any surrounding copy or text to the Graphene material.    

1.3  Marketing or advertising requests (which may include promotions/givewaways, sponsorship, product placement and partnership requests) may be emailed to:                                                                                  

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2.   Informations about licensing of 

Graphene trademarks

If you have any questions concerning the usage or licensing of Graphene trademarks, please submit your request to:  


3.   Other Copyright informations

3.1  For other Copyright inquiries, please submit the information to:


3.2  For use of Graphene copyrighted material in third party works  e.g., books or publications, please submit your detailed request to: 


including the following:

  •   specific image(s) or material for which you are seeking permission
  •   surrounding copy or text to the Graphene material you wish to use in your project
  •   Publisher, if applicable
  •   publishing date (and countries), if applicable.    
  •   title, if applicable
  •   how Graphene and its services or technologies fit into your project
  •   your deadline.

4.   Guidelines on the correct application 

of Graphene service marks and logos

The following general guidelines should assist you with basic questions regarding the use and appearance of the Graphene trademarks. Please contact us directly for any specific questions or to set up a licensing agreement. They apply to all uses of Graphene, Ltda. trademarks, service marks and logos, nominative uses.

4.1  Graphene’s Trademarks and Logos

Graphene’s current registered ("®") and unregistered ("TM") trade marks, service marks and logos are listed as follows:

Graphene Logo

Graphene word mark

Graphene service mark

4.2   Presentation of Trademarks

The Graphene trademark must be presented with a upper-case “G,” and lowercase following letters.  Graphene trademarks should be used in their exact form, neither abbreviated nor combined with any other word or words.

4.3   Trademark Symbols

Use the "®" and "TM" Symbols as Applicable.

When referring to Graphene’s                               use this symbol:

Registered trademarks                                                     ®

Unregistered trademarks                                                 TM

4.4   Apply the Trademark Symbols in the Correct Places

The appropriate trademark symbol must be used the first time a mark appears in a document, communication, or advertisement and in all prominent appearances of a mark.

4.5   Apply the Trademark Symbols in the Correct Places

Text:   the appropriate trademark symbol must be used the first time a mark appears and in all prominent appearances of a mark.

4.6   Proper Use of Word Trademarks

4.6.1   Separate Our Trademarks from Others' Trademarks: Graphene’s trademarks must be used alone, without other logos, trademarks or service trademarks. They may not be combined with others' trademarks. 

4.6.2   Other logos or trademarks can be used in connection with Graphene’s trademarks when indicating a relationship between Graphene, its Services or Technologies and another party or Services and Technologies.

4.7   Proper Use of Name

Always use the full, proper trademarked brand names in all communications. 

As an example, are incorrect uses:

  • graphene
  • GRAPHENE          
  • graphene Technology® 
  • GRAPHENE Service® 

and are all correct uses: 

  • Graphene®
  • Graphene® Service
  • Graphene® Technology

4.8    Distinguish Our Brand Names from Our Corporate Name

4.8.1    A trademark is used to identify a brand. 

4.8.2    A trade name is a corporate name used to identify an organization or company. 

4.8.3    “Graphene” can be used as a trademark, servicemark or a trade name: use the appropriate trademark symbol when using “Graphene"  as a trademark to identify the source of one of our Services or Technologies (e.g., it is correct: "the Graphene® Technology"). 

4.8.4    You do not need to use a trademark symbol when using “Graphene" to generally refer to our Company, Graphene, Lda.

4.9    Apply the logo below in the correct definition and presentation

Minimum definition 1024 x 1024 pixel, RGB, 1.6 MB:

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