1. Coca-Cola® Hellenic Bottling Co.  Moscow plant, Novoorlovskaya ulitsa, 7  Moscow, 119633, phone: +74959569595
  2. Ochakovo Brewery, Moscow, Ozernaya ulitsa, 46 корпус 2, Moscow, 119361, phone: +7 495430-12-10
  3. Ochakovo Brewery, Krasnodar, Torgovo-Proizvodstvennaya Kompaniya, Тополиная ал., 3, Краснодар, 350072, Krasnodar, phone: +7 861201-02-33
  4. Efes® Amstar Brewery, a subsidiary of ZAO Moscow Efes Brewery (Efes Beverage Group), ulitsa Tramvaynaya, 2/4, Ufa, Bashkortostan respublika, 450027, phone +73472641819
  5. Efes® Moscow Brewery, Pivovar Moskva (Efes® Beverage Group), Ulitsa Podolskikh Kursantov 15B, Moscow 117546, phone: +74957979800
  6. Efes® Rostov Brewery, Pivovarnya Moskva-efes, Rostovskiy Filial, Ulitsa Dovatora, 148а, г. Ростов-на-Дону, Rostov Oblast, 344090, phone: +78632925188
  7. Yarpivo OAO Brewery, a Baltika® Group company, part of the Carlsberg® Group, 63 Pozharskogo street, Yaroslavl, Yaroslavl region 150030, phone: +70852441561
  8. SUN InBev OJSC Brewery, Perm, 106 Geroev Hasana Street, Perm 614600, phone: +7 (3422) 689 100.  SUN InBev is a registered trademark of Anheuser-Busch InBev Co.
  9. SUN InBev OJSC Brewery Volzhsky, 85 Pushkina Street, Volzhsky, Volgograd region 404131, phone: +78443295611.  SUN InBev is a registered trademark of Anheuser-Busch InBev Co.
  10. SUN InBev OJSC Brewery, Kursk  2 Magistralnaya Street, Kursk 305025, phone: +7 (0712) 370024.  SUN InBev is a registered trademark of Anheuser-Busch InBev Co.
  11. Slimcompany, Ul. 3.Ya Roshchinskaya, D 5, Of 11, Moscow 113184
  12. OOO Elita-Mineral, Zheleznovodsk, Industrial zone the food enterprises, Pr. Inozemtsevo, P.O. Box 7, Mineralnije Voda, Stavropol Kraj, 357433, phone: +7879324529

  Coca-Cola® Hellenic Bottling Co. at Moscow, assures the quality and safety of its range of sensitive Aseptic beverages by mean of automated quality control systems redesigned, upgraded ans commissioned by our staff

  Yarpivo® Brewery, Baltika® Group itself part of Carlsberg® Group, operates automated quality control systems Heuft®-branded Our staff installed, started and system-integrated. To let what was in spring 2003 the fastest Linear Empty Bottle Inspector of the World (Heuft® Linear) be successfully rejecting all what Yarpivo® Quality Control Dept. and standards implied, our staff participated to the redesign of the Electronic Block, since then totalling 7 motors & conveyors (Video credit FIX DIGITAL, 2012)


  Ochakovo® Brewery, operates automated quality control systems Heuft®-  and Stratec Bbull®-branded                   that Our staff installed, started and system-integrated in Krasnodar and in Moscow

  Efes® Breweries at Moscow and Ufa. Here our staff installed, commissioned and serviced total 9 electronic inspectors in 4 glass returnable and PET Bottling Lines

  Elita-Mineral at Mineralnije Voda, assures the quality of its mineral waters by mean of automated quality control systems commissioned by our staff

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