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July 17, 2013     

The "Industrial  Property  Bulletin" # 134/2013 of July 17, 2013, publication of the authority managing all request of patents and signs, namely the Portuguese Institute of Industrial Property, on its page 83 endorsed the worldwide registration of Graphene® company logo visible down.  The official communication to Graphene is available here.

Graphene is a bidimensional material (similar to the reticular structure visible above in the lower half of Graphene Lda. logo) consisting of a single layer of Carbonium atoms.  It was first time obtained a few decades ago by mean of nanotechnologies from slices of the more common graphite, a well known main component of pencils.   Layers  of graphene are arranged in a honeycomb structure.   It is the thinnest known material and, also, already one of the strongest.  At ambient temperature, it conducts electricity as efficiently as copper, but outperforms other materials as a conductor of heat. 

During tests at extremely low temperatures, in 2010, graphene's junctions outperformed approximately 100 000 times faster the switching speed of today universally admitted Silicium's junctions.  These last are what since 40 years let all of our Electronics' technological applications function, including the device used to read these notes.  This result made graphene the best candidate to replace Silicium-based transistors & junctions, wherever speed is critical.    

Laboratory instrumentation, computation, scientific research, aerospace, military & cryptologic applications are already on course. Graphene, being almost completely transparent, is so dense that even the smallest atom, Helium, cannot pass through it. Because of this feature, recently (2013)  there have  been built prototypal displays extremely thin.    

Readers interested to deeper insights on graphene, are suggested to link here directly Andre Geim - Nobel Lecture: Random Walk to Graphene in Nobel Media AB 2013. Web. 19 Jul 2013.

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