Container-based Classification 

Full Container Inspectors and the related measurements whose goal is a binary classification (collectively name inspections), are the widest existing family between the Electronic Inspectors in the Food and Beverage Packaging Lines.   

Full container inspectors are differentiated as below for the kind of container inspected, can, keg or bottle (glass bottle, PET bottle, PRB bottle, aluminium bottle):

   Full container inspectors’ classification based on the kind of containers

Tracking-based Classification 

Another fundamental design-dependant, inital parameter is the way filled containers shall be tracked.  "To track" is a synonimous of “synchronisation” and imply the persistence of the information regarding the identity of the container, along its entire displacement thru the shifting-register where identity is attributed before, a measurement made later, and a classification (eventual rejection) in the end.

  Full container inspectors’ classification based on the kind of containers’ tracking (synchronisation): based over contanst speed or encoder.  The Encoder-based themselves divided in two main categories: standalone and in-the-Filler, Closer or Labeller Machines

Measurement Principle-based Classification  

With respect to the figure above, reducing the field to the bottles, whatever the material they are made of (glass, PET, PRB, aluminium) the classification can finally be accomplished including the physical principle used to measure the property. 

  Full bottle inspectors’ (FBIs) classification, referred to the most commonly applied shifting-register synchronisation.  In evidence the differentiation of the inspection solutions due to past decades of development. Today, as an example, following the kind of application, container and Line layout, they can be conceived 16 different kinds of fill level inspection

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