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“The history of the economic monopoliums should remember us they have never long life”               

Mathias Döepfner, CEO of Axel Springer SE, 2014

Graphene name or logo on a Service, Technology or webpage tells you that you are getting informations in a sector vital and critical as the Food and Beverage automated quality assurance, continuous improvement, reliability and food safety in the Food and Beverage Packaging lines or parcels’ security and production efficiency in the Distributions Centres’ (DC) sorting systems. 

Our choices are mainly based on the information we reach, frequently provided us by third parties: a bias in the incoming informations, creates a distortion in our following choices, diverting them far from the interests of our Company, Our interests.  

Availability of exhaustive, non-biased information is the fundamental key to the success of our industrial projects.   

In order to make sure others are not using our trademarks to mislead users into:

  • downloading malware;
  • paying for the Services or Technologies here presented;
  • providing personal information not requested by Graphene;

we need your help.

Please use this form to report any websites that are:

  • Charging for Graphene Services or Technologies;
  • Using the Graphene trademarks to mislead the public into thinking the site is an official Graphene site or sponsored by Graphene;
  • Distributing modified versions of Graphene documents, and still using the trademark.  Note: anyone may modify Graphene documents and contents, but once modified, it may no longer use Graphene trademark(s) without a license;
  • Using the Graphene trademarks (including logos) in any other way that violates our Terms of Use and policies about trademarks;
  • Distributing harmful documents under Graphene brands.

“Our choices are mainly based on the informations we reach, frequently provided us by third parties:          a bias in the incoming information, creates a distortion in our following choices, diverting them far      from the interests of our Company"

While the uses of our trademarks described above are not allowed, there are lots of ways our community members can use our trademarks without requesting permission, thoroughly described in:

Once you have reported a website, we will analyze it and, if necessary, take the appropriate action.    This form is:

  • only for reporting websites that misuse Graphene trademarks.  
  • anonymous: we do not need any information about your e-mail or contact phone.  

If you desire to follow up the case, add your contact email to the Details. If you have concerns about non-Graphene sites engaging in negative activities unrelated to Graphene trademarks, please don’t use this form and instead contact the owner of that website directly.  

Thank you for your help !

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