Heineken Canning Line
  1. Coca-Cola®  Begano S.A., (Coca-Cola Iberian Partners), Avenida Alcalde Alfonso Molina, 56, 15008 O Birloque, La Coruña, phone:+34 981 17 35 00, provincia de Galicia
  2. Coca-Cola®  Cobega S.A., (Coca-Cola Iberian Partners), C/ Verneda, S/N 08107, Martorelles, Barcelona, provincia de Catalunya, phone: +34 934966600
  3. Nestle' Waters®, Camino Vell de Viladrau, S/N, 17406 Viladrau, Girona, Gerona, phone: +34 938849208
  4. Nestle' Waters®, Finca las Navas, 06670 Herrera del Duque, provincia de Badajoz
  5. Heineken® Espana S.A., Fabrica de Madrid, Crta. N-I, Km 23.500, 28709, San Sebastian de Los Reyes, Madrid, provincia de Castilla
  6. Grupo Damm S.A., El Prat de Llobregat, 08820 Barcelona, provincia de Catalunya, phone: +34902300125
  7. Grupo Damm S.A., Santa Coloma de Gramanet, Barcelona, provincia de Catalunya
  8. Font Salem, Partida el Fronto' s/n, 46843 Salem, provincia de Valencia. Font Salem is a Company part of Grupo Damm
  9. Grupo Pascual S.A., Embotelladora Camporrobles, Ctra Utiel-Camporrobles, Km 18, 46330 Camporrobles, provincia de Valencia, phone: +34962180522
  10. J. Garcia Carrion, S.A., Calle Guarnicieneros S/N, Pol. Ind. de Daimiel, 13250 Daimiel, provincia de La Mancha

  COCA-COLA® IBERIAN PARTNERS, in its plants of Cobega S.A. at Martorelles, Barcelona, and Begano S.A. at La Coruna, is assuring since 1999 the Quality of its range of brands, bottles, cans and crates also by mean of tens of Heuft®-branded Electronic Inspectors installed, started, commissioned and serviced by our staff

  Since 2008, GRUPO PASCUAL® at Camporrobles, Valencia, assures the Quality of its mineral water by mean of the three electronic inspectors commissioned by our staff.  Devices Heuft®-branded distinctly visible in this video

  NESTLE’ WATERS® fills Aquarel in Herrera del Duque and Viladrau. In these two plants, our staff applied Root cause Analysis and encountered and commissioned (9 minutes) the Heuft® VX™ standalone Label inspector and its flagging label inspection

   J. GARCIA CARRION® is the biggest wine, fruit and vegetable juices producer in Spain, operating five wineries and four production plants. In this view, the plant of Daimiel, in La Mancha province, where we acted

   We arrived in J. GARCIA CARRION® at Daimiel with the mission to analyse the Root Causes for the initial huge production losses od the new aseptic Line of Sidel®.   We deepened Root Cause Analysis before by a true world class master in the subject, Jonathan Buck, then at HB Consulting® now ABConsulting®.  The fast correct diagnose of the losses’ root causes meant an impressive production increase of >15 % after 5 days since the moment we get into the plant.  As a side activity, we studied improvements for the then new FT-System® camera-based inspector to assure sleeves' adherence and position

  FONT SALEM® advertisement for the Argus beer, bottled in Puig plant close to Valencia. Our staff acted in Font Salem's main plant at Salem, Valencia, engaged in Root Cause Analysis and Service 

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