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Optoelectronics is a complex subject, but this section has content aimed at people with differing levels of knowledge.  Watch a video, read a tutorial or white paper, download one of the scientific papers that have been published about the most modern aspects of what the Food, Beverage and Pharma Control technologies shall be in the near future.  

In the preface to his book A Brief History of Time, Stephen Hawking reveals that his Editor had warned him that for each equation he added to the manuscript he could expect his sales figures to halve.  Many of the web pages part of these Resources ignore that advice, by including some mathematical formulas.  The reason I was keen to include some mathematical descriptions is that in my own study of subjects like Quantum Mechanics, Information Theory, Theory of Measurement, Detection Theory or Quantum Computation, the only time I really felt that I understood what was happening was when I examined some historical developements of the ideas enriched by pertinent graphs, and followed through the equations.  

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