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Empty Bottle Inspectors (EBIs) and the related measurements whose goal is a binary classification (collectively named inspections), are a category making a particularly sensitive activity: to protect final consumers' health, assuring beverages' safety in the Food and Beverage Packaging Lines.  EBIs are differentiated as visible below for the kind of application in the Bottling Line layout, as:

  EBIs' differentiation on the base of their location in the Beverage Bottling Line Layout


Measurement Physical Principle

The classification of the EBIs can be fully accomplished including the physical principle used to measure the property.  With reference to commonly applied inspection, corresponding to the countermeasures to common eventualities (“risks” for the Food and Beverage Safety), we have the following scenario:

  Empty Bottle inspectors’ (EBIs) classification, referred to the most commonly applied kinds of inspections and rejectors’ position. Here expanded to the fine details the only and today most common Linear EBIs


An Electronic Block Variant

In the figure below, an example of EBI whose mode of operation could be considered a variant of a standard electronic block. This EBI operates with an inner starwheel with suction cups adhering to bottles’ sidewalls, to allow the base and IR residual liquid controls necessarily needing a longitudinal view of the bottle, as seen by its neck. This starwheel operates with the bottles being pushed-in, say with pressure of bottles kept sliding on the in feeding conveyor.  

 (click the image to enlarge)  An example of glass returnable Empty Bottle Inspector whose mode of operation is a variant of the standard electronic block. It operates with an inner starwheel with suction cups adhering to bottles’ sidewalls, to allow the base and IR residual liquid controls. Those necessarily needing a longitudinal view of the bottle as seen by its neck. Its starwheel operates with the bottles being pushed-in at the EBI indeed getting into sliding on the conveyor.  (  Tom Parker/OneRedEye /OneRedEye/SABMiller Zambia. Zambian Breweries/2013)

For the external sidewall inspection it is equipped with a bottle auto-rotator system, providing a full 360º rotation. Bottles are rotated while passing a high-speed camera where up to 12 images of the entire outside surface of every bottle are captured for complete coverage.  After the EBI the bottles lie in a true and standard electronic block, recovering the holes in the bottles’ flow, due to the EBI rejection. 

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