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Root Cause Analysis studies the relation between the observed negative effects and their causes.  The wide spectrum of answers to the apparently-only trivial question “what is the difference between a Cause and its Effect ?” shows each one has a different idea.  The direct applications of the ideas of causation are wherever.  Also in the Problem Solving and Root Cause Analysis of technological issues.  Simply put, there is a big difference between the Logic underlying a dialectic debate between humans and Nature’s own Logic, manifest in the physical laws ruling all technological applications.  No successful Root Cause Analysis is possible without these. Last centuries’ causal connection ideas hint to the validity of conjectures thousands of years ago elevated to the rank of principles, namely:

  1. the time-ordering of the Events;
  2. someone or something here, acts over someone or something there.

Subject examined as seen by different points of view:

  1. Quantum Causal Theory, originated by studies of Richard Dedekind, Hausdorff, Alfred A. Robb, Helmut Hasse and Henri Gustav Vogt;
  2. Modern Physics, following Raphael Bousso, Abhay Ashtekar, George R.F. Ellis, etc. 
  3. General Relativity, originated by Albert Einstein and his followers Bergman, John A. Wheeler, Tullio Regge, and also Stephen Hawking, Roger Penrose, etc.
  4. Classic Physics, also due to the mathematicians Henri Poincare’ and Hermann Minkowski;
  5. Epistemologicaloriginated by studies started thousands of years ago and more recently fathered between many also by Pierre Simon de Laplace, Leibniz, Hume, Hobbs and Ernst Mach.

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