Graphene® Channel in Vimeo®

September 27, 2013   

Today, they started to be broadcast 31 of the hundredths of mainly Full HD Graphene® videos, by mean of the World most powerful platform for High Definition streaming: Vimeo™.  A new Graphene® Channel, exclusively devoted to innovation of the automatised Quality Control in world wide Bottling Lines.    

We strongly suggest the vision in Vimeo "Couch Mode".

Its subjects, the Services and Technologies provided by Graphene® to worldwide Food and Beverage Bottling Factories:

  • Machine Vision,
  • Optoelectronics, 
  • Theory of Information,
  • Theory of Error and Measurement,
  • Bottling Line technologies,
  • Food and Beverage Safety,
  • Bottling Controls, 
  • Root Cause Analysis applied to Bottling Line inefficiencies, contaminations and Customers' injuries;
  • Risk Assessment for Bottling Lines' Machinery inefficiencies, contaminations and Customers' injuries.

Via-Internet it can be accessed clicking the image on side. As an alternative is the Apple TV Vimeo service.

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