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August 27, 2013     

Clicking the light blue Vimeo badge visible above, will link you to Graphene's profile in the Vimeo network, allowing further download of videos in the subjects of Food & Beverage Quality Assurance, Quality Control methods and Electronic Inspection.  To offer its Visitors and Customers the best vision conditions front of tens of gigabytes of high definition multimedia content, Graphene adhered to Vimeo network.  Vimeo, based in New York City, offers to this Graphene network the value added represented by:

  • 50 GB of video storage
  • No bandwidth caps or time limits
  • High Definition video, up to HD 1080, meaning the same as a Blu-ray Disc 
  • Compatibility with Mobile, tablet and connected TV
  • HTML5 support
  • Adobe® Flash® support

HD 1080 (1920 x 1080 pixel) maximum definition available for videos streamed through Vimeo™ service,                                    compared to all existing standards

Vimeo's hosting video High Definition capability, are added to CloudFlare® cloud based fast content delivery (24 Data Centres in 16 Countries), to assure you the best conditions when visiting this network of web sites.  Further detailed information about the complete list of Mobile devices, Streaming Players & TV’s and Softwares already including Vimeo, or for which there exist and are freely downloadable applications, is available at:

Coming to the professional reviews and comparisons with other video hosting and streaming platforms, e.g. YouTube, in the following we’ll quote the words of Dan Sung at Pocket Lint (, interviewing the Vimeo CEO, Dae Mellencamp, at her hotel during one of the latest and famous Barcelona’s Mobile World Congress: 

“…..If you haven’t heard of Vimeo before, then, you’re wrong. You have. If YouTube is the household name in online video, then Vimeo (an anagram of movie), along with DailyMotion, is the next most likely you’ll come across when sent a link of the latest must-see. A little different from the other big players, Vimeo prides itself on a more discerning user base made up of indie filmmakers or those with a passion for movies of all lengths and genres who call themselves Vimeans. Home to 10 million of them, the site was the first to support HD videos in October 2007 and one of the few to shun preroll adverts from the start of their clips.

“We work very hard to create the best online video experience possible,” says Mellencamp, describing Apple’s validation of the company. “That’s our goal and the fact that they support that is evidence that we’re doing a good job.”

Indeed, it was news to the Vimeo CEO and all her staff when the Mountain Lion announcement hit. As it turns out, they were on a team outing at the time and were as shocked as anyone else.

“They didn’t tell us at all. It’s really quiet when you work with them. Apple keeps us in the dark as much as anyone else. We work with them and they’re a great partner,” she adds, understandably quick to not break any invisible rules, “but you don’t always know the details or when.”

One reason that makes Vimeo the likely choice for a company like Apple - aside from the obvious conspiracy theories on the Google/Apple conflict - is inherent in an ethos that very closely matches that of the computer giant. Part of creating the best online video platform is putting the user experience first. While Apple’s iOS and OS X are well known for their simplicity, Vimeo too has plenty of gongs on the UX front and pages in books on the subject devoted to its platform.   In January, the company unveiled a huge redesign of the sort that might just have caught Cupertino’s attention in the first place. Features, like a larger player, a stripped-back look with fewer links per screen and hidden browser, aim to put a greater focus on the videos themselves while adding more keyboard shortcuts, greater social support and multiple file uploading are just a few of the additions to make Vimeo easier to use and a richer experience for those for whom it’s already familiar. But if some of those ideas feel obvious, then it might be because they’ve been in the pipeline for quite a while….."

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