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Peer-reviewed Academic Publications


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Roberto Alfano


     A[email protected]

Citizenship:   Italian 

Curriculum Vitae

Research Activities

From 2013     Quantum Computation-based Binary Classifiers, at Graphene™  

From 2012     Integration of graphene nanotech detectors into Electronic Inspectors

1984 - 1991   Astrometry. Collaboration with the Harvard-Smithsonian Centre 

                       for Astrophysics, at Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA                                            

Professional Experience 

From 2012      CTO, at Graphene™

1994 - 2012    Field Engineer at Sidel™ Tetra Laval Group/ SIG™/ SASIB Simonazzi

1989 - 1994    R&D Electronic CAD Designer, Technical Dept., Cortese™ SpA, Italy                                                                   

Experience in Executive Programs

(a selection)  

2013               Development of a Cloud-based network of websites, at Graphene™ 

2013               European Union Patent 011799186 

2007 - 2009    Problem Solving & Root Cause Analysis. 6-Sigma Black Belt at Sidel                 

1994 - 1996    Empty Bottle Electronic Inspection, at SASIB Simonazzi SpA, Italy

1992 - 1994    Industrial Track-and-Trace, and scanning at Cortese™ SpA

1991 - 1992    Industrial labelling and barcoding, at Cortese™ SpA, Italy

1991               Machine Vision applied to Industrial Quality Control, Cortese™ SpA, Italy

1988 - 1989    Director of the Genoa Astronomical Observatory, at Genoa, Italy

Other activities

From 2013      Member International Ass. for Food Protection, IAFP, Wisconsin, USA 

1984 - 1986    Missile Electro Mechanical Specialist, Italian Navy, Seargent, with 

                        NATO Security Clearance


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