Support ticketing service

Now it is possible to have the fastest access to Graphene® Customers Support service, by clicking the “Feedback” vertical key appearing on the right side of each page:

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Above:  the fastest access to Graphene® Support service, clicking the “Feedback” lateral key appearing on right side of each one web page

This ticketing service is provided in partnership with a world leader in softwares for Customer Assistance: UserVoice® a San Francisco-based company.   In brief, UserVoice is a software-as-a-service provider of Customer Support tools that include:

  • Support Ticket system, to track and respond to Customer Support requests;
  • a knowledge base to answer common questions and help users find the information they need when they need it;
  • feedback forums, to understand the ideas Users care about most.

Clicking the lateral tab results in the opening of the window visible below, where are spaces to: write:

  • write your email address, so we can answer you;
  • write your text;
  • upload eventual attachments.

Immediately after you send your support or infos request, you’ll receive our confirmation email. In the special case you have not received anything, check your spam filter mailbox, where the conformation email could have been erroneously deposited. 

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