Not vulnerable to the Heartbleed attack

Food and Beverage sensitive  =  Data sensitive 

Visitors have surely observed what at first sight could seem an anomaly in this web site.  The amount of web pages devoted to Information Security seems something misplaced in a website addressed to Food and Beverage Safety and Electronic Inspection.  In the reality, they are strictly related.  Food and Beverage Safety is a  subject extremely sensitive, because of the entity of the effects of its violations.  Damages to individual Persons and Companies. Violations most frequently due to human-factor (unintentional error) but also to intentional, willingful negligence or worse.  Because of those damages, the due repairs and indemnizations result extreme.  

Meaning there are extreme reasons for the bad guys to invest in hacking activities to steal informations.

The many pages and news related in this web site to secrecy of the communications, SSL-keys, certification authorities, etc. are a reflex of the countermeasures we took since the start in 2013, when this web site started its existence.  As a result, your and our communications were not endangered by Heartbleed (codenamed CVE-2014-0160,, a flaw in the OpenSSL, encryption software used by the vast majority of websites to protect sensitive information. This vulnerability in OpenSSL allows an attacker to reveal up to 64KB of memory to a connected client or server. This flaw could expose sensitive data such as passwords or usernamesm even when you thought it was encrypted. 

Today we tested our systems and security by mean of an additional entity, a non-commercial one.  One different than the Israel-based 6Scan® or the US-based GeoTrust® and TRUSTe®, or other anti-hacking paraphernalia we and our partners adopt, like ClamAV™, Hackscan®, Fortinet®, Intego®, etc.  

The test report below originate by QUALYS® SSL LABS.   Our Visitors are warmly invited to test their own Servers and Browsers (clicking the hyperlink) to know what is their real situation.    

Below, the full report related to this Graphene® web site evidences we are not endangered by the Heartbleed attack.  Knowing that the attack started in 2011 and interested ~67 % of the web sites, you can imagine how many times in the reality all of your data had been collected by the worse thinkable Third Parties and how many passwords, however complex you created them, have to urgently change now.

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