Graphene® partners with 6Scan

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Above:  6Scan security badge appears green coloured after each daily attack of the bots of 6Scan successfully impeded by this website.  Also, indicates the date of the last test

December 18, 2013

To assure our Visitors' right to a safe navigation thru this web site, Graphene® announces the partnership with 6Scan. Partnership signalled by the newly appeared security badge in the lower right angle of all of our pages. The robots of 6Scan attack our web site each 24 hours on a daily base, using a range of hacking strategies.  

In the case they'd encounter the way to break through our actual defenses, assured by CloudFlare® and A2 Hosting®, 6Scan:

  • auto-fixes immediately the eventual causes for the risky condition;
  • warns us.

In the following, 6Scan describe itself:

"The Story

Our story begins at Matzov, the Israeli military unit responsible for defending confidential communications from hackers - the Israeli counterpart of America's NSA.  After spending years designing security algorithms and testing products for vulnerabilities, we became the go-to people for help with securing, well, pretty much anything. We couldn't help but notice a question that kept popping up: "My website got hacked; what do I do now?" None of the solutions we knew of could fix that problem once and for all - they were either complicated, expensive, or did only half the job. Thus, we decided to see if we could think up a way to protect websites that is both affordable and easy enough to use so that websites of any size and budget could finally solve the hacker problem, once and for all - and 6Scan was born.

The Mission

Our mission is to reverse the rising trend of successful website hacks, making the Internet a safer place for website owners as well as for users. As more and more websites will use our one-click, always-updated protection, hackers will have less and less surface area to perform their attacks.

The Location

6Scan's R&D is headquartered on Rothschild Blvd., in the heart of Tel Aviv, Israel”


Dual Scan

6Scan's Dual Scan approach detects active malware infections and vulnerabilities that could make your site a target for future attacks. This proactive free service works seamlessly in the background to maintain website security.


When Dual Scan technology discovers an issue, our Auto-Fix solution acts immediately to resolve the problem. With 6Scan installed there is no need to worry about the time, effort or expense required to secure your website and protect your reputation.


6Scan includes a Web Application Firewall (WAF) that uses pattern matching to block out even more security threats For the advanced user, our application firewall is completely configurable so you can choose the level of security you desire for your site.

Cutting Edge Research

The research team works around the clock to find undocumented vulnerabilities. The moment a vulnerability is discovered, our Dual Scan and Auto-Fix features update automatically to proactively protect 6Scan customers from emerging threats.

Blacklist Monitoring

6Scan monitors top blacklists to ensure your site maintains a clean reputation.


Receive email or SMS messages with scan results. If an issue is found, 6Scan can send a message with details on how the problem was fixed.

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