A brand new website devoted to Bottlers and Beverage Controls

April 23, 2013     

Graphene™ started a brand new informational website, based on Sandvox®  and  Krypton Pro®  technologies  to enhance perception & awareness of its Services  & Technologies.    A web site whose multimedia content results fully used to let the Visitor have an easier and deeper comprehension of complex subjects typical for Optoelectronics.

The web server is an Apache 2.2, based at Ann Arbor, Michigan, USA.

As a solutions-oriented Company, Graphene™ sees its task to help Beverage Companies comply with food & beverage safety laws, and with their own Quality Control policies; to reach the maximum level of Production without cuting the Quality. By mean of care design and optimal decisions during installation & commissioning, adjusting to individual desires of each Bottler.

With Food & Beverage safety regulations and technologies changing every day, our new website will offer a valuable informational resource, providing consistent updates and product solutions for F & B  Companies. 

The site is segmented into several main solutions-oriented areas: 

  • Full Bottle Inspectors, 
  • Empty Bottle Inspectors for glass  
  • PET, 
  • Empty Crate Inspectors;
  • Full Case Inspectors,
  • Weighcheckers, 
  • Rejectors, Sampling, 
  • Conveyor Design, etc.  

Each area provides informations & case histories  to let Customers easily ascertain which solution meets their Quality or Production demands, and easily displays the wide variety of hardware solutions available.

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