Open Gates

October 3, 2013

Each one website has its own type of content.  90 % of the company's websites, purportedly introduce nearly only promotional content being needed by the company when, on the opposite, content should be wanted by the Visitors.   Content that’s massively useful and provided for free, no forms to fill, no email address, no 'first born child' required.   

Following this 'open gates' logic, Graphene is actively working to provide Visitors with:

  • free-of-charge technical documentation, infographics and guides, rather than advertisement brochures;
  • massively useful and operative methods for Bottling Quality Control, rather than semi-hidden suggestions sounding like a continuous invitation to "buy this or that".

As a consequence, we announce they are being introduced modifications to Terms of Use and Rights & Permissions site policies, corresponding to the open gates address.

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