A website certified by GeoTrust®  Certification Authority

Mountain Valley, California, USA  -   July 26, 2013     

To assure continuity of  operation and the due secrecy of the communication with Visitors, Graphene adopts a tetrad of security measures .

A Bottler can face damages due to forced recalls, emergency situations, low quality of product, etc. The statistics of this it is possible to follow in the website of the U.S. Food and Drug Administration and its webpage: Recalls, market Withdrawals, & Safety Alerts.  

We provide sensitive information how to avoid huge losses in production and shares in the market.

And because of these reasons, to protect our communications with Visitors & Customers, we choose Symantec, the greatest provider of Internet Security of the World. Recently Symantec, already owning Verisign® Certification Authority, acquired GeoTrust® Certification Authority, a 'CA' whose corporate headquarters are based in Mountain View, California, USA.

GeoTrust CA 'TrueBusinessID' encrypted connection, now provides to this website:

  • Security                        Company identification
  • Encryption                    256-bit,  4096-bit root   
  • Assurance                    250000 USD warranty 
  • Dynamic Seal               GeoTrust trust mark (see the one accessible on right side)
  • Universality                   support > 99% of browsers

The first step toward Security is the authentication of the identity of the Company asking to be certified.  As a condition to receive a certificate by this Certificate Authority, we were asked to confirm our business identity by mean of original registration documents.   Documents, which had to be provided to GeoTrust, were delivered in the unique way. To prevent any possible pre-existing Man-in-The-Middle attacks, they didn't pass through web communications at all.  

Later these documents were cross-checked with the Company documents deposited in the Registry Office of the Ministry of Justice of the country where Graphene is incorporated.   This way, GeoTrust verified that the Company has the right to use the domain name submitted in its application by checking with the domain name Registrar.   

Later there arrived a control phone-call to Graphene's office by the phone number they encountered with the help of an Internet search.

Then, and only then, after a 4-days long procedure, they processed the 4096 bit key Graphene® provided them, to obtain a new and final certificate allowing the SSL encryption of the traffic passing through the address:


Internet’s one million most-visited domains rely on GeoTrust SSL more than any other Certificate Authority: now we know why.

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