The many “why” of A2 web hosting choice



Prior studies and analysis addressed Graphene® choice toward the restricted subset of all of the web hosting companies of the USA, offering:

  • CloudLinux™ fast and secure operating system;
  • Highest reliability:  99.9 % uptime;
  • 24/7 days active guru service.

A2 Hosting®, at Ann Arbor, Michigan, USA, adopts CloudLinux versions 5 and 6, by Cloud Linux, Inc.   

a2-bbb-a-rating med

This company fulfilled all of Graphene's minimum requirements.  A2 Hosting is an A+ rated business, following Best Business Bureau projections (see figure on right side) valid for all businesses in the USA.  A poll organised by Shopper Approved, involving 473 of its Customers, let A2 Hosting be ranked 4.7 (on a maximum of 5) in terms of overall satisfaction, like visible in the figure on right side.  A2 Hosting is a company devoting special efforts on informations' security.  One of its peculiarities is Ksplice.  Ksplice is a software extension that allows them to update their kernel's security on a daily basis without needing rebooting the servers. Ksplice is a key feature of A2 Hosting Perpetual Security initiative.  

The main advantages of Ksplice:

  • Fast updates
  • No downtime because no reboot is needed
  • Ensures kernel has latest security updates
  • Automatic security updates

On right side:  BBB rates A+ our A2 Hosting webservers

a2-hosting-rating med

Choosing A2 Hosting means to see things differently. To experience their high-performance SwiftServer™ Platform with optional blazing fast solid state drives SSDs, featuring page loads up to 300% faster than standard drives. Also, A2 Hosting Support Staff is a true “dream team” when it comes to counter whatever technical issue. They are professional, fast and expert, working 24 hours per day, 7 days a week to help customers.

On left side:  A2 Hosting ranked 4.7 (over 5) in a poll over 473 of its Customers



A2’s Quick Start Cloud means no confusing price guides and instructions to sift through just to get started. Just designing what we consider our perfect Cloud VM and easily re-size the account as resource needs fluctuate. Also possible to turn the Cloud VPS on or off.  Either way, payment is associated only to the use.  

More, their reliable service featuring free high-availability failover up against anyone.  

Finally, the HackScan malware protection, running 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to help block attacks before they can damage the web site.


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