1. Cerveceria Paraguaya S.A., (Cervepar) Ruta Ypane’ a Villeta km. 30, Acceso Sur, Ypane’.  Cervepar is today a registered trademark of Anheuser-Busch InBev Co.

cerveceria-paraguaya-sa med

Sightseeing into Cervecerias Paraguayas S.A.  Here our staff dressing SASIB Simonazzi™ shirts (logo visible in the image over the Pasteurizer Machine in the left side) installed, started, commissioned, upgraded and serviced: 2 rotary Empty Bottle Inspectors based on Heuft® Spectrum™ vision technology, 1 Full Can Inspector with sensors in-the-machine STRATEC™ (BBULL®)-branded, 1 Label inspector STRATEC™ (BBULL®)-branded, 1 returned crates inspector with cameras STRATEC™ (BBULL®)-branded, 1 SINUS™-sorter Centro (BBULL®)-branded robotic rejection system, 1 standalone Full Can Inspector STRATEC™ (BBULL®)-branded (photo credit Jorge Peralta, 2012)

cervepar-sa-at-ypane-paragu med

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