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Our References

To the date, we have been directly engaged in over 300 Packaging Lines' Projects. 120 of the grand total 300 Projects related to Beverage Bottling Factories. We acted in a great share of the Fortune-500 Companies visible below and others, participating to master many of these brands. 

In 120 Factories, we acted directly or on behalf of Third Parties, engaged in different kinds of activity, like: 

  • Design, 
  • New Machines' Installations, 
  • Service, 
  • Commissioning, 
  • Retrofit, 
  • Root Cause Analysis, 
  • Problem Solving, 
  • Audit, 
  • Training

 A great share of all FMCG Food and Beverage Companies in the Fortune-500 list are presently assuring Quality and Production of their Packaging Lines also thanks to our expertise (  Imgur, Inc./modernist/2012)

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