CarlsbergUnited Kingdom is presently assuring the Quality of its bottled and canned beers by mean of 9 electronic inspection equipments originally installed, started and calibrated by our staff. Including the InLine™ Glass Empty Bottle Inspector visible in this video seen on British TV

Field Service Engineering

Graphene™ is built over an experience of 25 years in the industry of the Packaging Automatic Machines.  Last 21 years serving global Beverage Bottlers’, satisfying their necessities of Quality related to Beverage Bottling Machinery and Electronic Inspectors':

  • Maintenance 
  • Service
  • Installation
  • Startup
  • Retrofit
  • Commissioning 
  • System integration.
To the date, Graphene™ they are 428 the Electronic Inspection equipments installed and commissioned in 120 factories worldwide, 163 Bottling Lines in 39 countries.  In the image, a 90000 cans-per-hour, 2.7 m/s speed Full Can Inspector, with advanced Sampling, Filler and Seamer monitoring, double rejection system

 Ongoing installation, fitting, start-up and commissioning in the outfeed area of a new 91000 cans-per-hour, 2.7 meter-per-second fast Canning Filler Machine presently operated by Carlsberg™ Sverige (Sweden). To the date they are 428 the equipments and machines installed and commissioned by Graphene™ staff in 120 FMCG Food and Beverage Factories, 163 Packaging Lines in 39 countries

428 Electronic Inspectors installed, commissioned, serviced, audited in 120 factories worldwide, 163 Bottling Lines, in 39 countries.  As a solution company, we develop Services and Technologies from the viewpoint of the end users.  And we work hard to transform your dreams into reality and help solve your problems.

Service and Changeovers 

Food and Beverage Managers' demands and requirements are constantly changing, following the improvements and customisations (examples, new bottles, cans, cases, crates or caps formats or colours) they make to their packaging process and have in the meantime to accommodate the production needs. We offer you top Quality, Customer-focused and flexibility. 

Advantages of our professional Field Service:

  1. Quality, confirmed by our hundredths of references in 39 countries;
  2. reliability, we can teach to your technical maintenance staff how-to-replace-us-in-the-future.  After your request, it is always a pleasure for Us to make you fully independent of external Technical Services, included Our own.  To truly care your interests, you have to own the know-how relevant to the devices you use all days, not others.
  3. flexibility, we are always happy to change our plans to accomodate your own;
  4. efficiency, matured along tens of years devoted to the installation of hundredths of electronic inspectors in 163 Beverage Bottling Lines;
  5. promptness, in the majority of the cases, we guarantee the presence of the Field Service staff in your site less than 48 hours after your request,
  6. transparency, an extended, multimedia-based, technical relation modelled to take care of your special necessities, will be always handed out after the activities.

    SABMiller plc/2013 


Electronic Inspectors are assets able to provide you Quality. Food, Beverage or Pharmaceuticals safety and minimised losses (false positives, also named false rejects) are assured only if they are subjected to maintenance and overhauls on a regular basis.  Product inspection equipment is nearly always installed as a Critical Control Point (CCP) on Food, Beverage and Pharma Production Lines. They help manufacturers to achieve compliance with HACCP and its supporting standards, retails Quality Control requirements as well as national and international regulations.    If your product inspection equipment fails, you run the risk of product recalls, customer complaints, safety scares and damage to your brand reputation.    Preventative Maintenance Plans from Graphene™ provide regular check-ups for your CCPs throughout the life of the equipment to ensure outstanding performance is attained at all times.  Plans can be tailored to suit your specific maintenance programs, process applications and working environments to ensure maximum operational efficiency for your production lines.  Some of the advantages:

HEUFT VX™  Full Bottle Inspector, with sensors in the Filler, Labeller or Capper machines  

Course delivered by HEUFT staff and attended in the HEUFT factory at Burgbrohl, Germany, 3 days, advanced level

Maximized Performance

Optimizing performance of your product inspection systems ensures maximum uptime for your Food, Beverage or Pharma production lines and unsurpassed inspection of your products.

Full Traceability

To comply with industry standards, you need to ensure your processes are safe and transparent.   Certification from each Preventative Maintenance Plan visit adds to a documented audit trail providing full traceability for your CCPs.

Flexible Agreements

A range of standard agreements are available but, for greater flexibility, you can tailor your plan to include prearranged visits to suit your application and production processes and to meet your servicing requirements.

Maximizing Profitability

With a Preventative Maintenance Plan you can benefit from discounts on emergency service labor charges and spare parts for reduced operational costs.

Our Preventive Maintenance Plan Includes

A Preventive Maintenance Plan for your electronic inspection equipment with Graphene™ ensures maximum uptime of your production line and your manufacturing processes are optimized.  

Visual and Mechanical

• Inspect overall cabinet physical condition

changeover related to a new kind of crate in a Returned Crate Inspector, (e.g. Heuft®  LGX™) equipped with ultrasound, X-rays, colour, inductive, polarised light sensors, video cameras for logos or optic photoscanners:                                 
                                                                                                         Total:       195 €            159 £            268 $   changeover related to a new kind of crate in a Returned Crate Inspector, (e.g. Heuft®-built  LGX™) equipped with ultrasound, X-rays, colour, inductive, polarised light sensors, video cameras for logos or optic photoscanners:                                  
                                                                                                         Total:       195 €          195 $

смена формата ящиков, лотков или коробок в инспекторе отвода упаковок  (н-р  Heuft®  LGX™),  оборудованного ультразвуковыми, рентгеновским или индукционными датчиками и фотосканерами:
                                                                                                         Всего:     12538 рублей        195 $


                            ZIPPED HTML

cambio de calibre a nueva caixa o embalaje en Inspector de Caixas de Retorno (ejemplo, Heuft®  LGX™), con sensores de ultrasonidos, rayos X, inductivos, luz polarizada, colore, logotipo a traves de video camaras o fotoeléctricos:
Total:       195 €          195 $ 

changement de format à nouvelle caisse ou pack dans un Inspecteur de Caisse au Retour du Marché Heuft® Spectrum TX LGX™, avec capteurs inductifs ou photoélectriques, inspections a rayons X et ultrasoniques, lumiere polarise’ et video caméras, inspection de logo:
Total:        195 €         195 $  

cambio formato a nova caixa ou embalagem em Inspetor de Caixas ou Embalagens de Retorno (exemplo, Heuft®  LGX™) com detectores de ultrasonidos, raios-X, indutivos, luz polarizada, cor, logotipo a traves de video camaras ou sensores fotoelétricos:                                  
Total:       195 €          195 $ 

cambio formato a nuova cassa o cartone in un Ispettore Casse di Ritorno dal mercato (ad esempio, Heuft®  LGX™) equipaggiato con sensori ad ultrasuoni, a luce polarizzata, sensori di colore, ispezione logotipo, ispezione a raggi X oppure sensori induttivi o fotoscanners:                                  
Totale:     195 €

• Inspect all cabinet door seals

• Verify dusplay/touch-screen for clarity and operation


• Verify and adjust A/C unit and chiller 

• Inspect condition of conveyor belt, bearings, motor and gearbox 

• Adjust conveyor belt tension and tracking

• Test all indicator lamps for proper operation


• Measure, record and adjust the entire parametrisation

• Test operator control panel functions

• Optics cleaning

• Polariser filters cleaning and replacement

• Verify and adjust imaging and resolution

• Verify cameras and detectors' output levels

Documented Visit Report

On completion of the Preventative Maintenance Plan visit, the Graphene™ Engineer will complete a comprehensive report documenting findings, highlighting issues and making recommendations for actions to address any potential problems.  The report can be filed along with other system documentation to provide a full Audit in order to support compliance requirements.

PET empty bottle seal inspection.  changeover related to a new kind of PET empty bottle in a PET Empty Bottle Inspector (e.g. Pressco®-built Intellispec™) operating in-the-Blowmolder Machine, equipped with Base, Neck and Seal, colour, etc. inspections and cross-correlation to Blowmolder's moulds and spindles:
Total:        390 €          390 $

Смена формата ПЭТ бутылки в инспекторе пустых ПЭТ бутылок  (н-р Pressco® Intellispec™), работающего в автомате выдува, оборудованного инспекциями дна и горла и проверяющего соответствие формы с шаблоном:
Всего:     25077 рублей

cambio de calibre a nuevo envase de PET en Inspector de Botellas Vacias PET (exemplo, Pressco® Intellispec™), en la Sopladora de Botellas, inspecciones BNS de fondo, cuello, pared lateral y boca, color, correlacion entre defectos, molde y “spindles” de la Sopladora:
Total:        390 €          390 $

passage à nouvelle bouteille dans un Inspecteur Bouteilles PET Vides Pressco® Intellispec™, inspection des défauts opaques au fond, inspection de bouche , inspection de parois latérales extérieures, inspection de couleur, correlations entre moules et spindles, etc.:
Total:        390 €          390 $

cambio formato a nova garrafa PET em Inspetor de Garrafas Vazias de PET (exemplo, Pressco® Intellispec™), en la Sopradora de garrafas, com inspecciones de base, paredes, boca, cor, y correlacion entre defeitos, moldes e “spindles": 
Total:        390 €          390 $


cambio formato a nuova bottiglia PET in un Ispettore Bottiglie Vuote PET (ad esempio, Pressco® Intellispec™  nella macchina Soffiatrice, equipaggiato di ispezioni BNS del fondo, parete laterale, collo, baga, colore, ecc. e correlazione incrociata dei difetti con i numeri degli stampi e degli “spindles” da cui provengono:
Totale:      390 €

Reject Systems

• Verify and adjust reject timing

• Verify and adjust functionality and settings

• Inspect reject cylinders and nozzles

Operational Safety

• Inspect A/C input line connections

• Verify placement of all safety stickers

• Test safety interlocks for proper operation

• Test emergency stop safety switches for proper operation


• Will be established by Graphene™

• Customers receive priority scheduling

No More False Rejects

 The majority of the Beverage Packaging Lines is plagued by losses due to actually correct containers falsely rejected by the Electronic Inspection equipments.  rejection Tables permanently filled by correct bottles a typical manifestation. Most frequently, the unexpected Root Cause lies in installation, startup and commissioning activities of the Inspectors, of their Conveyors and of the controlled Machines which did not respect a row of good-practice rules.  Graphene Expert staff knows how-to cut these losses increasing, in the meantime, the inspection Quality outcoming by your Packaging Lines

  False rejects problem peaks with canned beverages. Here no human-eye may replace a X-Rays Fill Level inspection.  The typical pseudo-solution to massive False Rejects is a decrease of the Sensitivity, thus introducing low-filled containers in the Market (  SABMiller Zambia. Zambian Breweries/Tom Parker/OneRedEye/2013)


More, checking our prices you’ll discover we are the most cost effective choice existing worldwide.  If your available budget should be forcedly reduced, it’ll always be enough to guarantee you’ll reach your planned goals of Production, Quality and Food and Beverage safety

  46 Breweries in over 20 countries are part of the total 120 factories using or having used along the entire lifetime of their Bottling Lines, the added value of the Services and Technologies’ thinked by our present Staff   

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